Changing my diet….

Inspiration, My Life

Well… I have been thinking whilst I am losing weight call me greedy but I want to lose it faster…

I don’t know whether this is because it seems easier to put the weight back on, but what I will say is this weight needs shifting… 

So I have made a decision my diet and healthy lifestyle is changing…

I am juicing, well it is only day one today, but I am going to commit to this the mean green juice it is called. I think it is called this for a reason because I personally don’t like it but it helps lose the weight. So I am going to be juicing only three drinks which are:

All organic carrots (if I buy a batch that are not sweet I will add an apple or two in it)

A full cucumber, three sticks on celery, 2 x apples, spinach, half a lemon, and some ginger (all or as much as I can possibly find that is organic)

The beetroot juice – 1 x whole beetroot, some carrots, 2 x apples, half a lemon, and an apple or two depending on how I feel (organic products if not the best I can find)

Know going to see how much weight it is possible to lose… it should be a pound a day (or a bit more hopefully)…


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