The thought of cheating


Not going to lie… those adverts the tv play have made me cheat now and again although I can’t say I bought what the tv was showing. But I did find something else instead probably worse for my diet. 

Then I had a blow out day whereby I stuffed my face… can’t say I did feel guilty to be honest and I did go over the top…

Most people would probably eat a light snack but I that thought never entered my head…

You might be wondering what did I eat… 

Well by 6pm at night and the tv adverts are in full flow and your having a chilled night in… meant that a pop to the local supermarkets was on the card and the takeaway.

So I had a large spicy veg pizza all to myself (chillis, pepper, jalapenos) thats all I have on it… the hotter the better I always think

Then some chicken wings 

A banoffee pie with ice cream all to myself ( it was only small)

A big chocolate bar

Some harribo sweets

Some chilli crisps

Whilst it sounds like a stuffed my face which I did I did only drink water (if that could be a positive in all I ate)

But after my huge blowout junk food evening I was back on my diet the next day…

I didn’t tell myself that what I did was wrong because I enjoyed it so which might of been why starting the diet was easy for me again… no regrets… plus I am on the count down to the next junk  night – I think this keeps me motivated… we will see anyways in a few more weeks…



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