Changing my diet….

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Well… I have been thinking whilst I am losing weight call me greedy but I want to lose it faster…

I don’t know whether this is because it seems easier to put the weight back on, but what I will say is this weight needs shifting… 

So I have made a decision my diet and healthy lifestyle is changing…

I am juicing, well it is only day one today, but I am going to commit to this the mean green juice it is called. I think it is called this for a reason because I personally don’t like it but it helps lose the weight. So I am going to be juicing only three drinks which are:

All organic carrots (if I buy a batch that are not sweet I will add an apple or two in it)

A full cucumber, three sticks on celery, 2 x apples, spinach, half a lemon, and some ginger (all or as much as I can possibly find that is organic)

The beetroot juice – 1 x whole beetroot, some carrots, 2 x apples, half a lemon, and an apple or two depending on how I feel (organic products if not the best I can find)

Know going to see how much weight it is possible to lose… it should be a pound a day (or a bit more hopefully)…


The thought of cheating


Not going to lie… those adverts the tv play have made me cheat now and again although I can’t say I bought what the tv was showing. But I did find something else instead probably worse for my diet. 

Then I had a blow out day whereby I stuffed my face… can’t say I did feel guilty to be honest and I did go over the top…

Most people would probably eat a light snack but I that thought never entered my head…

You might be wondering what did I eat… 

Well by 6pm at night and the tv adverts are in full flow and your having a chilled night in… meant that a pop to the local supermarkets was on the card and the takeaway.

So I had a large spicy veg pizza all to myself (chillis, pepper, jalapenos) thats all I have on it… the hotter the better I always think

Then some chicken wings 

A banoffee pie with ice cream all to myself ( it was only small)

A big chocolate bar

Some harribo sweets

Some chilli crisps

Whilst it sounds like a stuffed my face which I did I did only drink water (if that could be a positive in all I ate)

But after my huge blowout junk food evening I was back on my diet the next day…

I didn’t tell myself that what I did was wrong because I enjoyed it so which might of been why starting the diet was easy for me again… no regrets… plus I am on the count down to the next junk  night – I think this keeps me motivated… we will see anyways in a few more weeks…


Keeping up with the diet…

Inspiration, My Life

Remember when I was talking about my diet, well I have been really sticking to it, I am doing well so far 🙂

My body is starting to look great, I can feel a four pack coming on hehe, as a result I have started to cut down

  • Drinking
  • Junk food
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Late Night Snacks
  • And smoking…

I decided to cut down on smoking my cigarettes, but I sort of failed that. I am have been finding it tough, but I did buy an electronic cigarette starter kit, and its really helping me to cut down on my nicotine intake.

I have been making other changes in my life such as

  • Drinking more water
  • Getting more sleep at least eight hours a day
  • Walking more (which the dog loves)
  • Joining the gym
  • Actually going to the gym 😉

I feel that this is really benefiting me so much I have loads more energy and my body is looking good. I am on my way to the bikini body, and I am getting loads of complements which always help haha 🙂

So My New Body…

Inspiration, My Life

With summer coming up I have started using the vibration plate, and WOW after two times by legs are looking good!!! They are starting to look toned!!!

I have been following this

Up to now this has been brill!!! I think my vibration plate has been money well spent. At the moment I am only on speed one but I can feel my legs and body shaking so I know its working. Soon I’ll be increasing it but I do not want to over do it and can’t use it for a while. I have been googling the before and after pictures and they are amazing, people can even get a six pack. Can’t wait to see the results for my bikini body 🙂


My Life

Welcome to my blog, I have never wrote a blog before but I thought that this would be a good start…

With summer coming up I really am trying to start getting healthy, I would not call myself overweight but I would call my self unhealthy. So starting from today I am changing I am getting that summer body we all crave for!